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Osaka Course Overview

Osaka prefecture is the final prefecture on the Tokai Trail. Osaka is the second largest city in Japan, with a population of 10.5 million people. Osaka has a history of being a merchant and commercial city in Japan, and that continues to this day. During WWII many of Osaka’s buildings and temples were destroyed. Osaka is known for it’s food and comedians, the people of Osaka are also considered to be warmer and more out going than other people in Japan(137). 

The Osaka course starts at Honzanji (本山寺) , and takes you to Settsukyokai Gorge (摂津峡), and Ryuozan (竜王山). The course ends at Minoo Station (箕面駅).

The website guides serve as an overview of each prefectural course the Ebook goes into much more detail about each section, this is because the prefectural courses offer multiple routes. 


The course overview of each prefecture shows the outline of the course, and some of the major points of interest.  The Tokai trail offers many different routes, and the maps, even those on the trail, do not always show all courses. To address these issues I wrote a free guidebook that covers the complete trail.



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