Complete Tokai Nature Trail Guide

The complete trail guide provides information abut prefectures, the main course and the bypass courses. I draw from multiple resources to verify the information that I present in this guide. I use my own hiking experience, Tokai Nature Trail Vol. 1-3, the official prefecture maps when available, and information on the internet.  This guide starts by covering general information about the trail, such as camping, animals, where there is water, food, and critical Japanese phrases you will see while hiking. I’ve have spent a significant amount of time in Japan, both in the rural country side and the big cities, and have included information based on my experience on the trail and living in Japan that I feel will help. 


The guide is broken down by prefecture, and within each prefecture I provide a breakdown of each section based on the maps in Tokai Nature Trail Vol. 1-3. Since these books were published in 2000, much has changed and the information does not always match the prefectural maps. When there are differences, or places have closed down I note it each section. I chose to use the Tokai Nature Trail Vol. 1-3 because even though they are outdated, they are the best consistent recourse I found, and they provide a wealth of information about the places, and distances. They are also easily purchased online, and others who do not speak Japanese can still benefit from using them. 


I also  rely on various tourist resources, prefectural websites and sometimes blogs to find information about the places listed on the maps. I am not fluent in Japanese, but I speak enough to wade through these resources that are in Japanese. The English sites rarely offer the same amount of information, hence the release on Japanese recourses. These are all listed in the biography. Sometimes I was unable to find information about the different places because they do not have any information listed. This tends to happen with small places such as mountain passes, small shrines or old ruins. When that happens the place is mentioned, along with the distance to the next place. This guide attempts to cover all aspects of the Tokai Trail. I only hiked to Aichi, due to an injury I suffered on the trail. 

. I finished hiking the trail in 2019, and, even though I was injured more seriously I didn’t notice until I arrived back home so I was able to finish! Ideally I will put out the updated version in January or February of 2020. However, work and life sometimes get in the way off working on my hiking guides! If you have specific questions that you feel the guide doesn’t answer, feel free to reach out to me at using the contact form.

Tokai Nature Trail


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