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Using the Website

The website is dived into "Trail Overview" where you can find my general experence of hiking the trail. There is also an Map that shows the complete trail that I put together on google maps. 

The "Prefectures" sections breaks down the trail by prefecture. In this section I have listed each spot that is shown on the hiking map. For the section I hiked I have listed where  found that would make or did make good places to camp and places I found water and food. The goal of this section is to give detailed information about each location so future hikers can be more prepared than I was because of lack of information. The prefectures also includes links to the page on each prefectures websites where the maps can be found. Each prefecture developed and maintains their own section of the trail, so the usefulness and condition of maps of the trail and websites differ greatly by each prefecture. 

This is meant to be a general guide since I was there in 2017 things may have changed. 

The links/other section offers a little information about me, and my email. I'd love to hear from anyone that hiked the trail, or has any questions. In the links I linked to the best websites that I found on the Tokai Trail.


Camping on the Tokai Nature Trail (Tokai Shizen Hodo)
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