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Kyoto Course Overview

Kyoto Prefecture is almost directly in the center of Japan, it borders Osaka, Nara, Mie, Shiga, Fukui prefectures as well as the Sea of Japan. Tanba Mountains separated the northern and southern parts of the prefecture. 21% of the Kyoto Prefecture is designated as Natural Parks. For over 1000 years Kyoto was Japans capital, and is still regarded as the cultural capital of Japan(122).


The Kyoto course starts at Jakkoinji Temple (寂光院) , and takes you to Bodai Waterfall (菩堤ノ滝), Mount Atago (愛宕山) and Yoshimine-dera  Temple 

(善峰寺). The course ends at Mt.Ponpon (ポンポン山).

The website guides serve as an overview of each prefectural course the Ebook goes into much more detail about each section, this is because the prefectural courses offer multiple routes. 


The course overview of each prefecture shows the outline of the course, and some of the major points of interest.  The Tokai trail offers many different routes, and the maps, even those on the trail, do not always show all courses. To address these issues I wrote a free guidebook that covers the complete trail.

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